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Q: Why do I not want to be eligible for EI if I am related to the owner of the company that I work for?
A: Related people are not eligible for EI until the government deems them to be EI eligible (paying premiums does not necessarily make you eligible for benefits). The government will not determine if you are eligible until you make a benefit claim and thus you may end up paying wrongly for many years, maybe forever. If you follow our procedures and we can determine that you are not eligible now (because of your relationship to the owners) you will not have to pay premiums anymore (while working for your family). When you are related to the owners of the company, not paying premiums and saving this money for yourself (like putting them into your RRSP) is the only way to ensure that your money will be available if you actually become unemployed. Otherwise it will be at the government’s discretion at the time that you make a claim for benefits, and they may say NO! (and regularly do)
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