Since 1991, Grants International
has saved thousands of Canadian
families and businesses over $75,000,000.
What our Clients are Saying:
Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Why did my accountant not know about this or do it for me?
2. Do I have to pay tax on the money you get back for us?
3. Who is eligible - define related?
4. Why can we only go back 3 years for a refund?
5. Will this cause an audit?
6. Why do I not want to be eligible for EI if I am related to the owner of the company that I work for?
7. Can't we just go out and do this on our own?
8. I was told that my wife was not eligible to collect, do i have to keep paying?
9. My accountant said that this doesn't apply to us, does it or doesn't it?
10. I pay into EI, what do you mean that I am not eligible?
11. Here is a story of people who collected and then they were told to repay plus interest and penalties.
12. Can the company do this too and will we get our money back?
13. Can our children collect EI when me and my brother are 50/50 owners?
14. How much money is at stake?
15. What about 33% shareholders and their relatives?
16. Why must we file before December 31 and what is the urgency?
17. I tried to do this on my own and lost, what can I do now?
18. How will they ever know if I'm related to the owners of the company?
19. How do the courts interpret the EI act, the law, and related employees?
20. Tell me more about Grants International
21. Do I have to make deductions on my wife?
22. I pay my premiums and I want to be able to collect, I can right?
23. How much is the government's EI surplus?
24. I have it in writing that I am eligible, thus I can collect, right?
25. What laws are you talking about?
26. What happens if I just stop paying?
27. I'm too busy for this right now.
28. Who is affected by this?
29. How long has Grants International Inc. been in business?
30. What about my brother-in-law?
31. Who should call us?
32. What's wrong with the system?
33. Why does this law exist?
34. Why would the people working in the government care about whether I am eligible or not for benefits?
35. What happens if you go on Maternity Leave?