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Frequently Asked Questions - Disability Tax Credit

My Doctor's office has the form. Can't they submit it for me?
They can and that's great because your doctor does need to be involved to certify your health impairment or disability. But after the application is submitted, you'll need someone to deal with the CRA and monitor the application to make sure you get back all the money you're entitled to receive. For example, the CRA will refund 1 or 2 years, but if your doctor certifies your impairment goes back more years than that, you often have to fight with the CRA to get a refund back for all the years you're entitled to. No doctor's office will call the CRA to follow up on your behalf nor will they deal with the CRA to ensure you get back all the money you deserve. You can fight the CRA yourself or you can sign up with us to do all this for you.

There's no risk in signing up with us. We guarantee that if you don't get a refund, there is no charge. We do everything for you to ensure your success because we make it easy for our clients and you won't have to deal with the government red tape and bureaucracy. We have the medical and financial expertise from completing thousands of applications to keep everything on track and ensure you will get the most money back from the government as quickly as possible.

Further, we make sure your application is completed correctly the first time and then we monitor the CRA daily. We follow up with you every time the CRA touches your application to keep you up to date. This is something your doctor's office won't do and something our clients greatly appreciate.
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