Since 1991, Grants International
has saved thousands of Canadian
families and businesses over $75,000,000.
What our HIR Clients are Saying:
How Much Time Will This Take Me?
The Grants International 1 Hour Refund Process

We will take you through our refund process over the next few months and if all goes well, you should not have to spend any more time than the following:

Fill out and send in the Service Agreement. This gets the process started.
If you just submitted your contact info, the Service Agreement will arrive by mail in a few days
10 minutes
Our in-house Medical Doctor will call to talk to you about your condition within 2 weeks of receiving your Service Agreement. Then we will fill out and send you the form for your Doctor to sign. 20 minutes
Make an appointment with your Doctor and take the completed form in for his/her signature.
(not including travel or wait time)
10 minutes
Send us the form signed by your Doctor. We supply postage paid envelope.
We will submit the application to the appropriate government department and continue to monitor the application while we wait for the approval letter.
5 minutes
Talk to our customer support representative once we have the results of the application. 10 minutes
Total time commitment for you over the next 3-5 months: Under 1 Hour

We pay for all postage and supply postage paid return envelopes when paperwork is sent back and forth.
You can call us on our toll free number anytime so there are no long distance charges to you.
If there is a fee from your Doctor's office to sign the form, you must pay for it. However, you may be able to claim the fee as a medical expense on your tax return.