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Frequently Asked Questions - Disability Tax Credit

What is meant by "Severe" and "Prolonged" and "Markedly Restricted" impairments?
There are few terms that the CRA uses to define the nature of a disability and how they assess eligibility for a DTC.

Markedly restricted - You are markedly restricted if, all or substantially all the time, you are unable (or it takes you an inordinate amount of time) to perform one or more of the basic activities of daily living, even with therapy (other than life-sustaining therapy) and the use of appropriate devices and medication.

Prolonged - An impairment is prolonged if it has lasted, or is expected to last, for a continuous period of at least 12 months.

Significantly restricted - means that although you do not quite meet the criteria for markedly restricted, your ability to perform a basic activity of daily living is still substantially restricted.
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